Inbound Consulting for West China & Outbound Consulting to Europe

Inbound Consulting for West China & Outbound Consulting to Europe

Map of the Peoples Republic of China

China, is a thriving semi-continent, which has, within little more than 25 years of tough efforts, reached the worldwide economical position no. 2 with expectations of further growth. The country is, moreover, striving to remove some remnants of poverty in some outskirts of its vast territory of more than 9,5 million of square-kilometres.

This being anticipated it is obvious that China is part of a globalizing world. Globalization also implies an adaptation of its industry and of its administration towards digitisation and promotion of AI along with managing of resources and a suitable economical adaptation showing awareness of the fact that progress cannot be endless, and suitable reconfigurations may have to be engineered, so as to avoid detrimental effects for the economy of the country and for the population in the long run. This applies, similarly, to all global economies. Based on such insight, global co-operation will be of the essence, so as to master further economic development. Awareness of this situation can be derived from the measures of the resp. governments.

The great international industrial players have – since long – drawn suitable advantage on this development, onward to all corners of the horizon.

However, SMEs, although

      • sporting altogether the overwhelmingly the largest number of companies in their countries and
      • contributing, as an entity, to the largest part of their respective national GDPs,
      • Yet, more often than not, remaining in all countries essentially tied to their “clod”, also, in Europe,

are predominantly following the base drag of globalisation only with reluctance.

This is partly due to want of information cum guidance regarding their position and possibilities, partly due to lack of awareness of their governments to reinforce the position of SMEs in line with their capabilities, and to provide guidance to converge attitudes to aptitudes.

RPC wants –with due respect for the obstacles having frequently to be overcome – to enable its customers braving the waves, while sailing forward diligently on the international market.

The following pages shall therefore show more details on RPC’s operation, and highlight necessities for discussion of how to do trade with China and, in case of projected investment, to achieve well-balanced agreements with their international partners.

Reitze Project Consultancies (RPC) has been operating in China since 1998. Its MD had the opportunity to come to know the country to date extensively. In line with his educational-background and interest in “life-long learning,” he capitalised on the ensuing sources in China intensely.

For the essential principles guiding our consultancy please see “Business Principles”.

Qin Dynasty, Terracotta Warrior