Inbound Consulting for West China & Outbound Consulting to Europe

Inbound Consulting for West China & Outbound Consulting to Europe


“RPC’s consultancy experience” has been built, particularly during a period of more than 25 years, while living and operating predominantly in China.

For the collection of experience this time was of great importance, as it was the period, when China resurrected economically and politically, all in all, during a short and extremely dense, nearly breathless, time span, while the nation managed to catch up with the economic and political powers of the rest of the world.

The approach happened, understandably, with some gnashing of the tools brought into play. Shortcomings could quickly be mended, however, so as to fit eventually into date’s requirements. In addition, as well-known today, gains of the country were enormous. They were invested astutely to close the missing link enabling the country to talk at eye-level with their foreign peers, thus overcoming the affronts suffered and felt during before-last and last century. Yet psychic scarves are still lying open and can be sensed among the present days’ official actions or omissions.

But they are frequently mis-interpreted, as foreigners, for want to understand Chinese psychic issues, are frequently used to imposing their way of thinking onto that of the Chinese side. Alas, this shortcoming has also been frequently observed on the Chinese side as well, while doing business with locals. Yet such shortcomings will be overcome somehow, thanks to inborn flexibility of the Chinese side.

Docorative ornament at the villa of a merchant, 18th ctry.

As a result, the period of time between 1994 (first business visit of me to China) and today contributed vastly to come to know the spirit of people, also that of business men, and of Government officials at work in China.

Find herein-under assorted samples of projects, itemized essentially by industries:

Practical Experiences, especially

  • Trading support food sector
  • Laser trade; Organisation/Installation of a representative-office in Tianjin
  • TCM, phyto-pharmaceutical services (preparation of visits by German pharmaceutical organizations)
  • Support of infrastructure, automation, digitalisation
  • Support of trade with milling tools for trade with nonferrous Metals
  • Sales support for plastic components,
  • Sales support for electrical insulation material,
  • Organisation of English websites for diverse cities and development zones
  • Design of annual English brochures for a Provincial Authority and a high-tech development zone, 2 Cities in Shaanxi Province

Organization of Business Journeys

  • Diverse Journeys of Chinese Delegations to Germany organized (e. g. Munich, Mannheim, Cologne, Antwerp)

Trading Support to Foreign Manufacturers

  • Milling tools’ export from EU to CN
  • Export of non-ferrous metals from China to Germany
  • Export of Laser systems from Germany to China
  • Installation of a Representative Office for a German Laser manufacturing company in China

Investment Promotion Consulting

  • March 1998 – end of 2001: advisory activities to Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ) including support and advice to both local and foreign companies
  • 2002 – May 2005: consultant, senior advisor, to Xi’an Municipal Government

Food Export/Import

  • Different projects for food export and import

Nonferrous Metals (NFM) Industry

  • Since March 2005: collateral consultancies, for companies on the field of non-ferrous metals’ industry, esp. tungsten and titanium (export from CN)

Phyto-Pharma Industry

  • Advice marketing
  • Marketing concepts
  • Promotion of Chinese Medicine

Plastic Components

  • Export from CN to Germany

Nonferrous Metals (NFM) Industry

  • Diverse Journeys of Chinese Delegations to Germany organized (e. g. Munich, Mannheim, Cologne, Antwerp)

Electrical Insulation Materials

  • Extended Sino-German Joint Venture Negotiations

Electrical Insulation Materials

  • Extended Sino-German Joint Venture Negotiations

Environmental Industry

  • Solid waste and sewage disposal, trade and import of laser devices to China (with foundation of a representative office

Organisation of Web Sites and Brochures for diverse Authorities during a period of more than 10 years.

Figures sympathizing with the idea of perennial “apsaras”. At the four court of a temple near Xi’an