Inbound Consulting for West China & Outbound Consulting to Europe

Inbound Consulting for West China & Outbound Consulting to Europe


Regarding Trade opportunities see following subjects

  • Creation of Market Surveys
  • Market explorations along the Silk roads
  • Export/Import,
  • Introduction of foreign prospective partners for opportunities of the modern Silkroad System
  • Support for issues re. Infrastructure, Automation, digitisation, AI
  • Re-shaping of businesses or companies logistics
  • Organisation of Fair-Events
  • Effektive guidance through Fair-Events
  • Organisation of personnel-training
Landing stage Chongqing

Trade opportunities between Asia and Europe, especially also between China and Europe, have grown gigantically, especially along the modern Silkroad-System, which was re-invented and formidably enhanced by the Chinese government and President of the PRC Xi Jin-ping.

On the northern, land-based part of China oversees trains are starting from strategically interesting points of Chinese cities and reaching in Germany (e.g. Duisburg) and the Netherlands (e.g. Rotterdam), partly also in Russia (St. Petersburg), and in Northern Germany (Hamburg), as well in Denmark (Copenhagen) or, somewhat more rarely, however, even in Spain. Time of transportation between China (Xi’an) and Germany (Duisburg) has been reported to be 18 days. Thus, transportation time is much quicker than sea transportation.

On the southern route goods are transported by ship, and by land routes either starting from diverse pacific seaports of Asia and arriving at Mediterranean ports, or vice-versa, from Europe on similar land-sea itineraries back to Asia.

In all instances RPC is prepared to support customers to find their way to customers, as well as to establishing standing trading relations with them.

China contemporary Silk Road-System connection between Asia and Europe